Cleaning my Windows in the Rain

Window Cleaning

Cleaning my Windows in the Rain

Mother nature happens, we can’t control her. I’m asked all the time if I should clean windows during the ‘rainy season’.

In my business, there is no bad time to have a clear view and clean windows.

If your windows are dirty with grim, pollen, dust, or dirt no amount of rain will help clean it off. In fact, if you haven’t cleaned your windows, blinds, sills or facades recently, the rain will actually make your windows dirtier.

Professional window cleanings are a great way to reduce the build-up, get a fresh start and a clear view. After multiple professional window cleanings, you’ll wonder why you didn’t clean your windows sooner.

Of course, there are other factors to consider that would be worth waiting to get your windows cleaned. Those include; heavy construction nearby, heavy snowstorms, dust storms, lightning and thunder or other extreme weather conditions.

Rest assured your cleaning investment can survive months of bad weather, dust and dirt to cover your view.


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