Window Cleaning

There is no window I can’t clean.

My commitment, regardless of how dirty or difficult to reach, is to get your windows clean. I’ve cleaned the windows and facades of private homes and sophisticated glass penthouses all the way to commercial buildings.

As an internationally certified industrial climber, rest assured my work is not only safe but of the highest quality. I take pride in cleaning your windows both inside and out, with the latest technologies and cleaning products. I treat your home and windows with respect.

If you’re looking for a quick and reliable professional to clean your dirty and hard to reach windows, see below for more details.

Professionionelle Fensterreinigung-Justin Orloff
Justin Orloffs Window Cleaning-Einfamilienhaus

Private House and Single Family Homes

I appreciate all the aspects of a well designed architectural masterpiece as well as the construction of a single-family home. What matters to me is leaving the place you live life in with a clear view.

My service shines on the interior and exterior windows/glass, frames, facades, blinds, and window ledges. Do you have sloping glass windows that are challenging to clean safely? Bring it on. No matter if it’s windows or modern fixed glass railings that span several floors, I’m experienced, reliable, and accurate. I clean your windows and treat your home with respect.

Luxury Rooftop Penthouses and Apartments

Your luxurious penthouse apartments have amazing views, A view above the rest. These windows are difficult to access and deserve a professional, reliable, and safe clean.

As an internationally certified industrial climber, no window is too hard to access. Accessing the window safely and protecting the building, facade, and roof damage is paramount. Before I begin any job, I make sure a risk assessment, method statement, and all the required insurances are all in place. With over 20 years of experience professionally cleaning windows and façades, you can confidently leave your difficult-to-clean windows to me. I will leave your home with the view you paid for and deserve.

Justin Orloffs Window Cleaning-Luxus-Penthaus
Justin Orloffs Window Cleaning-Firmengebaeude


As a business owner or property owner, you must put your best foot forward. Your image and focus on cleanliness will reflect your high-quality service and products to your clients, tenants, and staff. My customers include owners of office buildings, apartment complexes, and businesses.

I use high-quality cleaning materials along with the latest technology and techniques to ensure your windows are spotless, inside and out. I work flexible hours to minimise any interruption to your opening times. If you have difficulty reaching and cleaning windows, facades, shade-blinds, stairwells, glass elevator towers – my services are easy and straightforward, with no hassles.

High-pressure cleaning

This technique of cleaning is a simple and easy way to make sure your deck, the exterior of your home, stairs, pavement, and driveway look new again.

High-pressure cleaning is a great way to avoid any slips or nasty accidents from the growth of moss, mould, or weather grime buildup. I use only professional industry-standard equipment to access those problematic areas or wash larger surfaces.

Justin Orloffs Window Cleaning-Hochdruckreinigung
Justin Orloffs Window Cleaning-Aussenjalousien

External blinds

These important window fixtures must withstand the most extreme of elements.

With regular cleaning, your blinds will always look like new. Cleaning your blinds regularly also prevents grime and dirt from getting on your clean windows. I use pure water technology and the latest equipment which leaves them sparkling.

Gutter cleaning

During spring and autumn, it is essential to maintain a clear flow of water off your roof.

Gutters often become blocked, which creates unnecessary and costly water damage to your property. Often these gutters are challenging to reach and are therefore overlooked. I offer a service that keeps your gutters clean, your water flowing and, your peace of mind intact.


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