The Things I See As a Professional Window Cleaner

I’ve had the privilege to work on some beautiful properties. Let me tell you about a few unique experiences.

Window Cleaning from the largest privat homes, the most prominent building, the rich and famous up to pretty ‘ugly’ situations.

One of the largest private homes I cleaned was in suburban Melbourne. The house had nine bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 13 toilets. Yes, 13 toilets (lucky for someone, I guess) and over 70 mirrors (that’s a lot of bad luck if things go wrong). The house belonged to the CEO of an extensive chain of retail stores in Australia. Not only was it a lovely house where money was no object but the owner was a ‘real’ person who appreciated my work. On top of the quote for the job, gave me a very generous tip.

The Millennium Tower in Vienna was the most prominent building I have ever worked on. As an internationally certified industrial climber, no window is too difficult to access. I was even interviewed for an Austrian TV show “Extreme Window Cleaning”. In actuality, it’s not so extreme if you have the right training and tools for the job.

I’ve also had the opportunity to clean the windows of the rich and famous. I’m not usually a name-dropper, but bumping into Sir Richard Branson on an out of country contract has been a highlight. It’s an inspiration thinking that he started as a small business, look where he is now.

I also had the privilege to provide my services to Geoffrey Rush. Mr Rush lives in a very exclusive Melbourne suburb. Despite his celebrity and fame, I was entrusted with access to his private sanctuary and caught a passing glimpse of his numerous acting awards. I’m honoured to be a trusted service provider to those who could afford any experience they demanded. And who says cleaning windows is boring? I’m lucky to have had such memorable moments.

Of course I’d be lying if I told you I only cleaned huge skyscrapers and the palaces of the rich and famous. I’ve also found myself in some pretty ‘ugly’ situations. I arrived at the home of a hoarder. There was dirt and grime like I’ve never seen. There was newspaper towers room after room, alongside yogurt and ice-cream containers. Trees were growing out of the flooring and window frames had been chewed on by a dog. As a professional none of this stopped me from carefully cleaning the very old and delicate glass just floating in window frames. I wasn’t there to judge; I was there to do a job. Despite the terrible chaos, I saw the customer was delighted. It seemed that now her windows were clean; perhaps her view on life was all just a bit clearer. I was happy to have made a difference.