Great detail goes into each window

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Private Home and apartment

Modern, sophisticated architecture glass? Private family home with one or two store glass façade, glass roofing, stairwells, or winter garden? Penthouse/Rooftop apartments? The sky’s the limit.

With years of experience, my service shines through. Window cleaning interior and exterior glass frames sills and de-cob webbing is standard procedure. The cleaning of photovoltaic systems, sloping glass, and difficult-to-reach glass surfaces is my daily challenge. No matter if it's windows or modern fixed glazing over several floors, I'm experienced, reliable, thorough, and accurate. I bring my love of cleaning your windows into your domain and can clean mirrors and glass cabinets if needed.

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Rooftop Apartment

Accessing rooftop windows is part of my professional service. I can clean any Glazed Façade, and Shade Blinds inside and out. Rope access certified you can rest assured the work is completed to the highest safety standard. Interior windows are my specialty, even when the outside is sparkling.
Trained as an industrial climber and a professional window and facade cleaner with many years of experience, you can confidently delegate this cleaning to me. Cobwebs, dust, and built-up dirt around the window frame will be taken care of as I clean your windows. No window is too hard to get.

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Windows and Façades! Are you looking for a quick and reliable professional cleaning of windows? My professional cleaning equipment will keep your windows clear, elevating the look and feel of your business: lift shafts, glass roofs, skylights, photovoltaic panels, or shade blinds.

Do you have harder to reach windows? Facades or shade blinds?
Running a Business or Managing Property?
I work with all sorts of properties, including cafes, restaurants, offices, apartment blocks, and townhouses. Regular window cleaning will help improve your clients, tenants, and staff's view on life. I only use high-quality cleaning materials and techniques to ensure your windows are spotless, inside and out.
Minimal interruption to your service or customers with flexible times to suit your business hours.

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High-pressure cleaning

Your paving, decking, stairs, and driveway is an easy and economical way to make the exterior of your home or commercial property look new again. Avoid any slips or nasty falls from moss, mould, or weather grime buildup: I use industry-standard equipment accessing high or low areas including large surfaces.

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External shade blinds

...have to endure all elements thrown at them. With regular cleaning, your shade blinds will benefit from less dirt transfer this holding their new-like appearance.

Removing dense buildup

Shade blind cleaning in an environmentally friendly way with a mechanical brush cleaning system with ease.

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Gutter cleaning

In spring and autumn is essential to maintain the flow of water off your roof. Regular cleaning can prevent any unnecessary water damage to your property.

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How will you get to that window? How will you clean it? What explement or products do you need? Anchor point locations? Building site glass protection, covering up your new glass before it is scratched or damaged in the building phase is all part of my consulting service.

The Workshop is a one-on-one workshop with your own professional Window cleaning tools so you can learn to clean like a pro, you will be able to keep your windows clean

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