With over 20 years of professional window experience, I know how to save you time, money, and headache by consulting with you on how to maintain and protect your life-long investment. Windows are one of the most expensive and longest-lasting parts of a property and the most costly to repair and replace!

Orloff’s Professional Certifications

A lifetime of knowledge for your peace of mind

Orloff’s Certified Maintenance and Protection Plan is to make sure you have thought about your windows from “beginning to end.” I help you look after all the details to ensure a lower cost of ownership and a higher quality view.

Orloff’s Certified Professional Window Cleaning Training is designed from over 20 years of professional experience. I love what I do. I’m good at what I do. And I want to share my passion for cleaning windows with others.

Windows are one of the most expensive and longest-lasting parts of a property and the most costly to repair and replace! The Orloff’s Certified Maintenance and Protection Plan and Professional Window Cleaning Training put strategy and practice in place to take care of your windows from ‘beginning to end’.

For both of my certifications, I work with trusted architects, window manufacturers, window renovation professionals, builders, property developers, maintenance professionals, and access professionals to make sure your windows are easy to maintain and protect over their lifetime.

My certification plans are ideal for homeowners, home builders, architects, window manufacturers, window delivery services, property developers, glass & window lovers, maintenance professionals and, insurance companies. I work with the following manufactures – Matauschek, Internorm, Kapo, SkyFrame, Jansen, Verlux, Josko, Katzbeck, Actual – to keep up on the latest technology and service methods.

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Orloff’s Certified Maintenance and Protection Plan

The Orloff’s Certified Maintenance and Protection Plan is a step-by-step checklist that details the current cost and risk of maintaining and protecting your windows. In addition, I provide you with a strategy to save time, money, and headache going forward.

The Maintenance and Protection Plan is designed to make sure ongoing maintenance is hassle-free, and your windows are protected from the project’s conception. My detailed checklist will show you how to protect your windows, access them, and care for them throughout their entire life in a safe, time-tested, and professional manner.

I’ve seen irreparable damage done on windows and I know how to prevent it. I can make sure your windows are easy to service, reducing the lifetime cost of ownership. I’ve been to property sites where I couldn’t easily access windows, this increases the cost of maintenance dramatically. I have seen property owners spend months dealing with the headache of replacing and repairing damaged windows/glass that could have easily been prevented. No one wants to deal with the replacement of brand new windows before they get to look through them. Windows that are very hard to access and very dangerous to get to are going to cost a lot of time and money to clean. This is all preventable. I work with you to certify that your windows are easy to maintain and protected over their entire life.

Upon completion of my detailed checklist, I will award you with a certification rating. This rating indicates the cost and difficulty to maintain and protect the windows (i.e., “A+ rating” or “C rating”). This certification reduces the cost of ownership on your windows as well as ensuring they can be safely maintained and protected throughout their entire life. If you are not satisfied with the rating, we can work together to make it better.

My detailed certification checklist covers the following points:

Pre-Build List
Before a window is designed, lifted, or shipped, I look to see if the following is in place:

  1. Has a maintenance and protection plan been designed from the beginning?
  2. Can the windows be accessed safely and/or easily?
    • Is the window accessible, and how??
    • Are the anchor points placed in the right spots?
    • Has the lifetime maintenance and service costs been estimated into the design?
  3. Has the inclusion of proper access infrastructure and cleaning equipment been considered?
  4. Does the plan document and identify potential risks of moving and installing windows at each handover?
  5. Is there someone responsible for photography and a straightforward documentation process to ensure all windows, frames, and glass are in good condition at each stage in the process?
  6. Is there a professional maintenance and protection plan in place?

Post-Build List
If your property has already been built or looking to remodel here is the checklist I use to increase the maintainability of your windows and save you money:

  1. Has the lifetime maintenance costs been estimated?
  2. Are there easy opportunities to reduce the cost of maintenance?
  3. Has maintenance and protection been planned for the entire lifetime of the windows?
    • What types of paints, chemicals, binding agents are used near the windows? How is the window being protected during remodelling?
  4. Can the windows be accessed safely and/or easily?
    • Is the window accessible, and how easy or difficult?
    • Can we increase accessibility? How?
    • Are they safe to access?
      • Can safety and ease of access be increased? How?
    • Are anchor points or other access infrastructure needed?
      • Is it needed?
      • If not, where should they go?
      • Who can help get them installed?
    • Have you considered how landscape design impacts access?
    • Have you considered how interior design, furnishings, and fixtures impact access?
  5. Have the cleaning costs been included in the plan for maintenance and protection?
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Orloff’s Certified Professional Window Cleaning Training

Orloff’s Certified Professional Window Cleaning Training was created, based on over 20 years of window cleaning experience as a passionate window cleaner and want to make sure your windows are new when you move in and stay that way throughout their life. My certification helps you maintain and protect your investment like a professional.

I want to share my knowledge with those who wish to learn. I’ve done private lessons with homeowners. I’ve worked with cleaning companies to train and upskill staff. I hold workshops on a variety of topics centred around the key theme of “How to clean your windows like a pro.”

If you’re a professional cleaning company, I can offer a skill assessment and upgrade to train your staff on how to use the latest equipment, technology, and products to access and clean any type of window.

If you don’t have the proper equipment, no worries, I can set you up with a starter kit and have you cleaning windows at a professional level in no time.

Where are you? Let me take your skills to the next level.

  • Level 1 – You have the necessary tools to get the job done and use a technique that leaves streaks and smudges.
  • Level 2 – Your tools are adequate, and you can access your windows but not always in a safe way which compromises your health and the cleanliness of your windows.
  • Level 3 – You have all the gear, and your technique is consistent, leaving minimal streaks and smudges. You can safely and securely access all windows inside and outside your home.
  • Level 4 – You know everything there is to know about windows and how to get them spotless. You can safely access all windows inside and out, even in the most challenging locations. Your technique and safety gear is the industry standard used at a commercial level.

Common requests for training and seminars:

    • The technique, turning a squeegee like a pro!
    • Equipment / Tools/ Supplies, which is the best.
    • How to access difficult windows. Should I use extension poles, rope access or a Cherry picker?
    • Understanding glass manufacturing details, codes, and proper maintenance procedures
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