FAQs for Window Cleaning

Do you have any questions about Justin Orloff window cleaning services? Discover the most frequently asked questions and answers in our FAQs.

What does window cleaning cost?

I will do a final estimate when I visit your property. The price is for a complete service from beginning to end. Your investment is an all-inclusive package and starts with a minimum of 250 Euros.

The factors I will consider in the final quotation:

  • When were your windows last cleaned? >
  • How dirty are they?
  • Are they difficult to access – inside and outside?
  • How many windows are there to clean?
  • Where are you located?
  • Are there any additional pre-cleaning requirements like water spot removal, paint spots, caulking removal, overspray, markings, etc.
  • Would you like to include the facade and/or blinds?

My typical projects range from 500  to 3,500 Euros. I provide discounts for booking multiple cleanings and for customer referrals.

What is included in the window cleaning service?

My quotation is based on the factors listed above, and everything is provided in detail before I start the clean. My services cover window cleaning, both inside and outside, using the latest technology and products. I will also take care of any necessary cleaning of window frames. I use protection, like shoe covers and drop cloths, so as not to damage or dirty your personal space and belongings.

What services do I offer in addition to window cleaning?

I clean the windows and facades of private homes, penthouse and rooftop apartments, commercial properties, and solar panels. Additional services include the cleaning of external blinds, rain gutters and, the use of high-pressure for paving, outside stairs and, driveways, when needed.

When is the best time for window cleaning?

I would say all the time 🙂 but my tip is when the weather is fair, Spring Summer or Autumn.

How often should you have your windows cleaned?

I recommend a professional clean at least twice a year to prevent the build-up of hard to remove residue and grime. As we say in the business, a clean window is easier to keep clean.

What is the best weather for window cleaning?

The ideal temperature ranges from 10 to 35 degrees and mostly dry. Temperatures outside these ranges impact the cleaning process and leave you with less than optimal results. If the conditions are too wet, cold, or hot, we will work together to reschedule your booking.

How do I clean windows that are difficult to access?

As an internationally certified industrial climber, I have a variety of methods to access your windows and facades. I typically use extension poles, ladders, climbing gear, or if needed I can operate a commercial scissor lift.

How do I get the windows clean without streaks?

Professional tools and equipment is the secret. The rubber that sits on the squeegee has to be new and sharp to shave the dirt away. If this rubber is damaged or old, it will create streaks on your windows. Plus a bit of experience and technique always helps.

Which window cleaning products are used?

I use professional water-soluble solutions and for dirtier windows, I’ll use a stronger detergent if needed. If buildup is minimal, I work with a 100% filtered pure water system, with no cleaning agents. Cleaning windows with unfiltered tap water results in ‘spotting’ on the glass. My machine filters out solids in the water via Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Deionization (DI) process leaving your windows spotless and sparkling once the water dries.

Which environmental protection measures do I use for window cleaning?

For local jobs, I travel on an E-Cargo bike to reduce the use of a vehicle in the city. My cleaning rags are 100% biodegradable cotton. I thoroughly wash and reuse my rags hundreds of times. When possible, I use only a 100% filtered pure water system and a brush, this method requires no cleaning agents to get your windows spotless.

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