How to clean windows properly? Tips and tricks for streak-free windows.

Window Cleaning

In my 20 years of cleaning windows, I’ve learned about the two key challenges facing cleaners ­– tools and technique. I see window owners use tools that work against them coupled with techniques that leave streaks, marks, and smudges.

Here are a few things that might help. There are a few issues I notice with tools:

  • The squeegee rubber is either old, cracked, or out of shape. If your squeegee is in this condition, you can leave streaks.
  • Please replace the rubber to keep them sharp in order to cut the dirt off the window. This is a must for a good clean.
  • I notice that the soap water application is not correct. The soap water application should remove dirt and grime from your window before you squeegee. This requires a proper applicator and the right ratio of soap to clean water.

The other issue I’ve encountered after decades of experience is improper technique. It’s critical to get the essentials down.

  • I recommend top-to-bottom turns or side-to-side turns for beginners, as I illustrate in my online courses (coming soon).
  • As I’ve progressed in my career, I’ve developed a unique technique that combines both. This technique I designed allows professional-grade results that increase my productivity.

I break down these cleaning techniques into two training programs, The Window Cleaning Manifesto, Window Cleaning Mastery Course (online or in-person workshop). Each course is designed to meet the needs of various skill levels and needs.

See below for more details on the training courses and if you need tools to get the job done right, I also offer two kits in my shop, the “Essential kit” and the “Mastery kit”, click here for more detail.


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