Cleaning Windows? DIY (Do it Yourself) or DIP (Do it Professionally)

There is a critical question everyone must ask before hiring a professional to clean your windows – Can I do this myself? And I want you to consider another very important question – do I want to do this myself?

Cleaning your own windows is extremely time-consuming, physically demanding, and can be dangerous if your windows are difficult to access or you don’t have the proper equipment to get the job done.

Getting a professional to clean your windows is about saving you time, providing you with peace of mind, and making sure the job is done at a high level. There is a quality that is beyond anything you could do yourself.

A professional window cleaning service is for those who value their time and want the job done right and done at a high level.

If you’ve tried to clean your own windows you’ve probably used a squeegee and it would be safe to say you left a spot or streak. And afterwards, I can bet that your body has physically ached.

It’s not as easy as you think. The majority of my work is simply cleaning up the mess made by someone’s sloppy technique.

A property of any size takes time, money and regular effort to maintain. And taking the time and effort to clean your windows at least twice a year is one thing many physically will not do.

If you’re serious about your view, finding a passionate professional is key to protecting and maintaining your window/glass investment.